Jackie and Stephen’s Wedding

Whole Baked Salmon dressed with Prawns, Cucumber & Lemon

Swedish Chicken, Chicken and fruit in a creamy mayonnaise dressing with a hint of curry

Gruyere Roulade with Avocado filling

Sausage and Herb Plait

Platter of Home Cooked Meats

Seafood Vol-au-Vents

Celery & Cream Cheese Boats

A Variety of Interesting Salads & Breads

Jacket Potatoes

Platter of Cheese and Fruits

A Selection of Homemade Desserts

1000 x 30 Ornament
Evening Egg and Bacon Rolls

‘Dear Victoria & Martin,

We want to thank you for the amazing food at our wedding on the 9th April at Friary Wood. We were so pleased and appreciated all your personal touches and especially on the excellent knowledge of quantities – being very little wastage & lots of filled guests!

With warm regards

Jackie & Stephen Lee’


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